Lock and keysSometimes its the things people don’t tell you that are most important. Like, you’re going to end up creating a ridiculous number of passwords in the process of launching a social venture (and creating an online presence for it).Now, granted, passwords have little (aka nothing) to do with doing well by doing good, or pursuing social innovation policy, or understanding issues that will become key issues for the future generation.But then, they kind of do relate. Whether you are blogging from a cafe, sending email from a field site, or setting up apps to enable microlending—there will be passwords.

Where there are passwords, there is online security

And those passwords are a key line of defense to protecting your organization’s online security. I recently attended a talk about WordPress blogging and content management capabilities, and one of the surprising things I learned about was a tool that creates encrypted passwords and remembers them as you traverse the web.

In looking into that tool, LastPass, I also came across a few others that have similar capabilities. Here is a rundown of two popular password managers and key features.  Share tips and your favorites in the comment section below.

2 Tools to Help Manage Your Online Passwords

1. LastPass

  • you can install universally, or to a specific browser
  • is cloud-based
  • remembers all of the passwords you want it to, and fills them in automatically
  • can generate passwords
  • free for desktop version or $1/month for premium (enables mobile device access)

2. RoboForm

  • is cloud-based
  • Stores all logins
  • Enables one-click form completion (including credit card information)
  • can generate passwords
  • Rated #1 in CNET Password Manager Review
  • $30 for desktop version or $20/year for cloud-based version (enables mobile device access)

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