Greenfest 1.6

The San Francisco Green Festival took place on November 12-13 2011. It marked the 10th anniversary of the event and celebrated the green sector, organics, social innovation, sustainability, natural building methods, urban farming, DIY, solar energy, green jobs, sustainable clothing, fresh food, and much more.

Here is a story through photos…
waking moments, the san francisco green festivalGreenfest 1.1Greenfest 1.3

Greenfest 1.2

Greenfest 1.4

Greenfest 1.5

Greenfest 1.6

Greenfest 1.7

sf green festival, the explorers

Greenfest 1.8

GreenFest 1.9

Greenfest 2.1

Greenfest 2.11


a sampling of sf green festival exhibitors






Greenfest exhibitors

green festival closing time….until next year



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