After the passage of benefit corporation legislation in big-hitter states such as California and New York, you may wonder what’s been happening with the policy momentum.Well, the quick update is that it has been forging ahead to new regions and new states.

Lousiana and Illinois, One Step Away

Eric Trojian, Director of B Lab Policy, announced today via social media that benefit corporation legislation passed in both Illinois and Louisiana. As with the other states, this means that it is now bound to the governors of those states for final signing and admission into state law.

You can learn more about the policy and law surrounding benefit corporation legislation on and find out the state-by-state breakdown.

Moving Forward in North Carolina Too

Trojian also provided a status update on benefit corporation legislation in North Carolina. There, the bill has passed the House Commerce Committee, with its next stop being the House floor. If it passes vote there, it is on track for approval from the governor.

Stay tuned for more developments on the newly minted benefit corporation law in LA and IL!

A Look at Past Legislation

Here are a few links to help put the legislation process in context:

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