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John Montgomery

This episode of The Innov8social Podcast features an interview with John Montgomery, a longtime voice and leader in the movement to re-think legal  structures and leadership frameworks for companies seeking to create impact and profit.

John has deep experience in the field. He is a Silicon Valley corporate attorney, has co-chaired the legal working group behind California’s benefit corporation law (passed in 2011),  and is the author of the book Great from the Start : How Conscious Companies Attract Success.

And John is also a bit of a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded the law firm Montgomery & Hansen, as well as technology incubator, Startworks, and health company Chrysallis among other initiatives.

John is someone who I have looked up to since starting Innov8social as a blog a few years ago. His commitment to a holistic approach to consciousness-based leadership is evident in every interaction, and tends to inspire those he meets.

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More About His Book, Great from the Start


  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “Great from the Start not only prepares entrepreneurs for success in the prevailing economic Great From the Startparadigm where the corporation exists solely to maximize profits for shareholders as well as such business classics as Built to Last, The Art of the Start and The Lean Startup, but also shows you how to design your business for success in the emerging economic paradigm in which corporations exist to optimize both good and profit.”
  • Free excerpt downloads – including introduction, bibliography, and more


More About Startworks


  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “Startworks’ first project was Great from the Start, then in 2014 Startworks began producing consciousness based educational programs through its affiliate, The Global Consciousness Institute.  These programs are designed to help leaders optimize their effectiveness and lead from the heart.”

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