It seems like just yesterday there were  6 states that had passed benefit corporation legislation. That was over a year ago. In that time, B Lab and B Corp have successfully supported the passage of benefit corporation legislation in 12 states.Here’s an infographic from the B Corporation website that shows a map of the states that have passed benefit legislation, and states that are working on it. You can also view the B Corporation 2012 Annual Report, but note that it doesn’t reflect states that recently passed legislation.The Annual Report notes that over 500 companies have been certified as B corps, and the community is growing. (Note: B Corp is different from benefit corporation—though both distinctions indicate a commitment to creating a positive impact on society and the environment.)

The 12 states that have passed benefit corporation legislation are:

  1. Maryland passed SB690/HB1009 in April 2010.
  2. Vermont passed S.263 in May 2010.
  3. Virginia passed HB2358 in March 2011.
  4. New Jersey passed S2170 in March 2011.
  5. Hawaii passed SB298 in July 2011.
  6. California passed AB361 in October 2011.
  7. New York passed A4692-a and S79-a in December 2011.
  8. Louisiana passed HB1178 in May 2012.
  9. South Carolina passed HB4766 in June 2012.
  10. Massachusetts passed H4352 in July 2012.
  11. Illinois passed SB2897 in August 2012.
  12. Pennsylvania passed HB1616 in October 2012.

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