It has been 5 days since Shivani and I launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund our social innovation book project!

And, we have a few updates.
First off, we are grateful and encouraged by the votes of confidence, support, offers of expertise, and contributions made so far. It makes the project so much more meaningful knowing that there are people who are as excited as we are to make this happen.
Read the full update here, and see our latest update video below:

Can a crowdfunding campaign create impact?

One of the things Shivani and I spent some time discussing was whether we could create impact as we crowdfund. An idea we arrived on was to pledge one volunteer hour per $100 raised.A nonprofit I respect tremendously and volunteer at when possible is Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara County. SHFB works on projects to eradicate local hunger. Whether I have volunteered solo or with a team, I am always struck by how efficiently operations are run—and the dignity with which food sorting and distribution is handled.I look forward to logging in volunteer hours powered by your goodwill and contributions. Be sure to check back often and contribute when the time is right!


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