Collaboration, when all is in synch, is magical. Synergy is abound, no goal is out of reach, and nothing is impossible. When that dynamic goes awry, however, the balance is upended and even getting through simple tasks can feel labor-intensive and tolling.This is a great infographic by the Central Desktop Blog and published on that gives a nice overview of types of collaborators you may meet. Take a look below, chances are you’ll identify with the apt categories—not only to identify yourself but the personalities you engage with on projects.Surprisingly, you might find that in different settings (home, work, fun) you wear a different collaborator hat. That seems like a healthy thing, right?

What Kind of Collaborator Are You?

In case you are curious to know where you fit in the mix, the good folks at Central Desktop Blog came up with this quiz to find out what type of collaborator you are.  It is a fun, informal way of helping you to think about your collaboration style and strengths.

Here are the 9 collaborator types to choose from:

  • The Ringleader
  • The Stealth Ninja
  • The Expert
  • The Executive
  • The Socialite
  • The Siloist
  • The Skeptic
  • The Dinosaur
  • The Taskmaster

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