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On Innov8social we get a number of questions about the intersection of Tim Freundlichinvestment and impact. And on this episode of The Innov8social Podcast we offer a front row perspective from the impact investment sector. Tim Freundlich is the President of ImpactAssets and a longtime professional and innovator in the impact investment space. With the tagline “Invest with meaning” ImpactAssets is a nonprofit financial services firm that increases the flow of capital into investments that deliver financial, social and environmental returns.

Tim is well-versed in the space of building financial instruments and pathways for impact in investing.  He has served in a number of capacities at Calvert Foundation,where he launched the Giving Fund – an impact investment-based donor advised fund. He was also instrumental in building the $225 million Calvert Community Investment Note with more than $750 million invested into 300-plus nonprofits and for profits globally.

Tim also co-founded and serves as Managing Partner for Good Capital which funds one of the premier global conferences for social enterprise, Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) annually in San Francisco.


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More ImpactAssets

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “To catalyze the impact investing ecosystem by providing products and thought leadership that enable philanthropists, other asset owners and their wealth advisors to make investments with positive social, environmental and financial returns.
  • Forbes interview, “ImpactAssets Advocates For More Investment In Social Good”

More About Impact Investing Products by ImpactAssets

  • Giving Fund, donor advised fund that leverages the power of impact investing to put more money to work for social and environmental benefit. Tax-deductible contributions start at $5,000
  • Investment Notes, debt securities that will enable individual investors to invest in high-impact organizations around the world. (Sustainable Agriculture Note and Microfinance Plus Note)

More About Impact Investing Field Building by ImpactAssets

  • ImpactAssets 50, annually updated list of impact investment firms that represent the breadth of active impact fund managers
  • Investor & Financial Advisor Education, orginal and curated resources to support the growth of impact investing, for those new and experienced practitioners.


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