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In this episode of The Innov8social Podcast, we sit down with Kristine Unkrich, a recent graduate from Whitman College and current educator and Lead of Special Projects at Everest Education in Vietnam. She has been motivated by social impact throughout her time at her alma mater, Whitman College, and through various internship and work experiences in France, Indonesia, and currently, in Vietnam. Abroad, she has worked on issues around womens’ rights and education and also interned with an LGBT refugee organization in San Francisco.

Kristine provides perspective on the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Vietnam, including information about a new legal structure for social enterprise recently passed in the country. Also insightful are her thoughts on the evolving global workforce as millennials not only enter, but now make up a majority of the working economy. She reflects on her own guiding desire to create social impact in her career and the roles she takes, and also observations of what she has noticed in her peers.


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  • Website:
  • Value proposition: “Everest Education prepares students mentally and academically for rigors of an international education.”

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