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51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship is here! As an independently published book, this launch weekend is really key to getting this book out to the world.

Can you help with these 3 things?
1. Buy the book at the special launch price on Amazon.

2. Share over social media. Here are sample messages for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn:

It’s here! 51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship now on Amazon 51questions.com #51questions #socent #book #launch @innov8social
Join the #Launch! 51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship now on Amazon 51questions.com #51questions #socent #book @innov8social
Excited to read @innov8social‘s new book, 51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship 51questions.com #51questions #socent #book #launch

3. Write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads after you read the book. This is one of the most valuable ways to expand the reach of the book.
May the force be with all of us ;-) Happy Holidays and truly hope the book is a useful, actionable, and fun addition to your library.



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