A New Year, A Special New Podcast Series

Neetal ParekhWelcome to the new year! It has been an eventful few weeks, with the launch of the book and a number of happening onInnov8social.  There has been a lot of thought on ways to renew, refresh, and re-engage the podcast.

There are a few incredible interviews coming up, and you will hear them in force over the next few weeks; however, on this auspicious start—the first podcast of the new year we are trying something a little different.

In today’s episode, the guest is me :) I spend a few minutes recapping the past few months and reflecting. The inspiration behind the reflection is this idea of “the moment when anything is possible”


Listen to Neetal Notes #1 : The Moment When Anything is Possible


Or, Watch it on YouTube

Show Notes

Here is a recap of the book launch countdown posts mentioned in the podcast episode.

A Book Launch, A Story, A Countdown—From Me to You

“51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship” Launches Today!


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