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Frankie Picasso wears many hats and has had many iterations. She is best known as a radio host, best selling author, artist, certified hypnotherapist, certified Master Coach Trainer. In previous roles, she also managed a World Kickboxing Champion and was the first female kickboxing promoter.
Today as a social entrepreneur for The Good Radio Network, Frankie is establishing connections and business models that benefit social and community needs. She is passionate about recognizing those who are changing the world and establishing a network that strengthens the work these individuals are doing.
The Good Radio Network is the legacy project that Frankie is building to ensure that every minute of the day the Radio Station is an instrument of change for those in need..

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More About The Good Radio Network

  • Website:
  • Value proposition: The Good Radio Network advocates for a socially conscious and purposeful world. Through a talk radio station, it encourages action through engagement.


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