In this episode, we meet Will Poole–who pivoted from a successful career at Microsoft to exploring and engaging in impact investing. His work led him to launch Unitus Seed Fund in 2012, a fund specifically designed to provide seed funds for companies in India profitably delivering products and services that improve the lives of families in the lowest social-economic strata.

Based on feedback and requests, Will and his co-founding team have taken another major step in impact investing. This time, as ecosystem builders. In January 2015, he co-founded Capria, an accelerator program for fund managers seeking to gain skill sets, guidance, and actionable knowledge in engaging in impact investing.

Learn more about his personal journey into social impact and how his ‘problemsolving mindset’ has served him in his various roles.

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Meet Will Poole


Will is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Capria which leads two pioneering ventures: Unitus Seed Fund, the leading seed fund in India innovating for the masses; and Capria Accelerator, the first global business accelerator for impact fund managers.

Unitus has been India’s most active seed impact investor since 2013. Co-founder of Vidyanext in Bangalore, and Volt Boats in San Diego. He is also an active member of Social Venture Partners, focused on social entrepreneurship. Co-founder of SVP Bangalore.

Will was previously a corporate VP of the Unlimited Potential Group at Microsoft, co-leading efforts to bring social and economic opportunity to the “next billion”. He also ran Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar Windows Client business, headed up New Media Platforms and other internet and digital media groups.

Show Notes

Here are a few articles mentioned in this episode.

More About Capria

  • Website:
  • Value Proposition: “We work with financial services entrepreneurs who are setting up new investment vehicles. We provide them with what they need to be successful.

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