Forbes releases a number of enticing lists each year. Popular among them are Forbes 400 (the 400 wealthiest Americans), World’s Billionaires, Celebrity 100, and the Most Powerful People list.  Intriguing individuals, scintillating celebrities, and powerful leaders top the lists, which tabulate based on money, power, and influence.Social innovation, outlier or game-changer? A seeming outlier in this assessment is social innovation—which looks at impact, social accountability, social entrepreneurship, and social change. Well, with the release of their newest list, it looks like Forbes may see social innovation as far more than an outlier standing in the distance.

With ‘Impact 30‘–the first list of it’s kind ever published by Forbes’ in its 94-year history, one may even say that the publication sees social innovators as center field disrupters, team-players, and game-changers.

A look at the team behind Forbes’ Impact 30

Forbes worked with social innovation luminaries such as Ashoka’s Bill Drayton, Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Antony Bugg-Levine, MIT Poverty Action Lab, and ImpactAssets’ Jed Emerson to identify innovators leading the way or forging the path in health, innovative education, impact investment, clean energy, sustainable food production, and social innovation policy.

30 social innovators changing the world, a preview

The list features 30 individuals/groups engaged in social entrepreneurship. Here are a few of the organizations represented in the list.
You can find the full list here.
New B-eginnings
The list represents new beginnings. For Forbes, it marks a beginning of recognizing the emerging field of social innovation alongside traditional sectors of business, finance, and celebrity. For social innovators, the list is a beginning, serving as an introduction and handshake (or high-five) to new consumers, new financiers, and new forms of publicity.
And for policy, legal structure, and business organization supporting and encouraging social innovation, the list not only features the founders of B Lab (Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan and Andrew Kassoy) but also recognizes a number of companies that have adopted the “B corporation” certification and have pioneered triple bottom line accounting methods (i.e. GIIRS).
Here are the B corps that were recognized in Forbes’ Impact 30 list:

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