This season of The Impact Podcast by Innov8social takes a ‘meta’ view of the social impact space. Through a systems-level perspective, it examines the role of the social impact ecosystem builder, which is part-content creator and strategist, part-convener, and part-consultant-coach.

The season includes conversations with impact media strategists and Bohem Media Fellows at Opportunity Collaboration, leaders in the systems-led thinking space, social impact professionals who have successfully built personal ecosystems for social impact, and the importance of deeply understanding a problem when to try to understand gaps and opportunities within an existing system, to be able design more effective and impactful solutions.

You can listen to episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and below.

This season was made possible by the Boehm Media Fellowship and Opportunity Collaboration. Thank you to both and to each of the contributors who shared their stories and perspectives.

We are working on an upcoming season that takes a closer look at what it takes to be a social impact consultant and coach, through open and candid conversations with ecosystem builders in the space. If you are someone (or know someone) who has a valuable perspective to contribute, feel free to fill out the form here.

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Listen to this Entire Season of The Impact Podcast: Ecosystem Building, Systems Thinking, and Social Impact

#149 New Season of The Impact Podcast Starts Here!

Hear more about this season’s theme is on social impact ecosystems and systems-thinking and the “why” behind focusing on a systems lens this season. Show notes here.


#150 A Primer on Systems-Led Thinking with Daniela Papi-Thornton

A conversation with Daniela Papi-Thornton, lecturer at Yale School of Management, TEDx speaker, and author of Learning Service– who has been a leading voice in systems-led thinking approach in the social impact space. Daniela mentions a number of resources in the conversation, which you can find in the complete show notes.

#151 What is a Social Impact Ecosystem Builder?

Audio narration of our recent series on ecosystem building, including:  “What is a Social Impact Ecosystem Builder?”, “How The Social Impact Sector Can Become More Transformative”, and “How to Know if you are a Social Impact Ecosystem Builder”. Show notes here.


#152 Meet Social Impact Media Strategists and Boehm Media Fellows at Opportunity Collaboration

Boehm Media Fellows Fred de Sam Lazaro; Ellen Wilson, Mwihaki Muraguri, Victoria Fine, Jonathan Tusubira, and James Duft share perspectives at Opportunity Collaboration. Read the complete show notes here


#153 How to Build a Social Impact Media Strategy

Social entrepreneurs Conception Gaxiola of AGE Africa (Advancing Girls’ Education) and Daniela Peralvo Lupera of IMPAQTO Labs in Ecuador, ask for advice on their social media strategies from Boehm Media Fellows and social media strategists, Erin Niimi Longhurst and Neetal Parekh. Read the full show notes here.


#154 How to Convene for Impact

Conversations with Opportunity Collaboration participants at the beginning of the convening and after, including student social entrepreneur James Okina, impact professionals Erina McWilliam-Lopez and  Sarah Sterling, and social enterprise founder Yessica Flores.  Read the full show notes here.


#155 How to Build a Personal Ecosystem for Social Impact

Shannon Prudhomme, social impact professional and program developer at Rise Against Hunger, shares her experience on building a personal ecosystem and her experience of continually manifesting new milestones in her career. Read the complete show notes.


#156 How And Why to Fall in Love with a Social Impact Problem

Will Dayble, founder of Fitzroy Academy, shares stories about needs and opportunities he has observed in the social impact sector in Australia and globally, and the importance of ‘falling in love’ with problems rather than solutions we ideate. Full show notes here.


#157 How to Build a Location-based Ecosystem for Social Impact

A lively conversation with Daniel Casey, Events & Operations Coordinator, at Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) New York City about building a location-based ecosystem for social impact. Read the complete show notes.


#158 How to Apply a Social Impact Ecosystem Mindset

A look at how to make various elements related to social impact ecosystem building applicable. Read the full show notes here.

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