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Rex Northen

This episode of the Innov8social Podcast features an interview with Rex Northen, former Executive Director of Cleantech Openand current head of Cleantech Open Global. In the interview he shares his own journey as a serial entrepreneur and how his initial role as a volunteer at Cleantech Open led to leadership career roles in organization.

Over the past decade, Cleantech Open has accelerated over 2,000 companies, built a network of both funders and entrepreneurs committed to clean energy and sustainability, and helped companies raise upwards of $1B in funding.

Rex’s own background as a serial entrepreneur and computer professional with a long history of bootstrapping companies serves him well as he works with companies, founders, funders, and executives at all stages of startup growth. He has led startups in Europe and the United States (Silicon Valley and New York) and has consulted to companies of all sizes.

Cleantech Open was founded in 2005 by leaders in Silicon Valley and Boston, Much of the organization’s work is powered by the 2,000 volunteers spanning a variety of professions and education disciplines. It has 8 active regions across the US and 39 countries participating in its global challenge competition.


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More About Rex Northen

  • Rex’s bio, as listed on the Cleantech Open website
  • Rex’s video explaining how to create a successful cleantech business from your clean technology idea.
  • Rex Stanford Seminar, where he explains why cleantech is important and explores how the entrepreneurial engineer fits into this market.

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